Garen Crimsonguard

Big, Huge, Sexy.


Rage: Lasts 3 turns. He gets mad and gets all the benefits of being mad.
9 Intelligence.


Garen’s past is somewhat of a mystery. He just kinda showed up when the Masters of Dungeons were engaged in combat and threw in with them seemingly on a whim, and has been traveling with them since. Claims to be King of the Orcs, despite obviously being half-orc. Not sure if he meant he’s supposedly in charge of all orcs (though orcs are divised into independent clans, each with its own chief), in charge of his own clan (which would suggest he’s a chief, though somehow he’s without any of his own consorts), or if he’s simply claiming to be #1 in terms of strength and battle aptitude. His crown—a rusty piece of scrap iron—suggests more psychosis than chiefdom. Still, his Herculean might is incredible—it’s a good idea to be on his side during a battle.

Garen Crimsonguard

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